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A packaging net or development net is a 2D shape that can be folded into a 3D object. i.e. if you were to fold a box down into its flat shape, that shape would be the box net.

The flaps that tuck in, or are glued to hold the box together,
are called TABS

For accurate folds, lines can be scored or deformed. Scoring means to scratch the line lightly with a sharp object like a craft knife. Deforming is when the fold line is dented and widened out a little by a blunter tool.

In industry the nets are stamped out and deformed by a die-cutting machine, much like the cutter used to make ginger bread man biscuit shapes.



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When packaging nets are produced commercially, they print as many nets as they can on large sheets of card. In order to minimize the waste they arrange the nets so there is very little gap between them. This process is called tessellation.

Below is an example drawn in 2D Design.

There are 28 nets arranged (tessellated) ready for die cutting.



Tuck-in end style, interlocked tuck-in flap with slit lock.



Tuck-in end style, parallel / aeroplane tuck-in flap with slit lock.




General carton style, tuck top, envelope closure base.




General carton style, tuck top, crash lock base.




General carton style, tuck top, claw lock base.


General carton style, full flap skillet.


Miscellaneous style, D-lock.



Tray construction, six corner glued style.


General carton style, counter display/dispenser outer featuring crash lock (quick fix) base, hinged display lid with tuck-in flap incorporating slit locks.


Pillow Pack



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